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Harry and Dahlia's Wacky Fun Hour

For the gyromaniac and doting father in all of us

Harry Mason and Dahlia Gillespie
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  • ShutterbugHen

The town of Silent Hill isn't such a bad place...

At least, not when everyone's got an AIM account and some time on their hands.

After all, everyone needs some downtime, right? Even if it does get pretty silly.
(Feel free to comment or watch if you like. There's also a tumblr version)

The posters:

Harry Mason is probably the most prolific poster. Friendly and good-natured, if oblivious and clumsy, Harry's managed to make friends with almost everyone in town, which, considering the people who live in Silent Hill, is kind of amazing. He's a magnet in particular for lost or abandoned children. A typical dad, he spends most of his time worrying about his daughter and trying to get everyone else to get along. His screenname is Numba1Daddy.

Dahlia Gillespie, responsible for almost everything terrible that happened in Silent Hill, now wiles away her days trolling and harrassing newcomers to the town. When she isn't wandering the town rambling incoherently or organizing the more monstrous members of Silent Hill to gang up on an unsuspecting protagonist, she enjoys exchanging religious riddles with Claudia (and simultaenously bothering Vincent and Kaufmann). Her screenname is Gyromaniac.

Henry Townshend comes and goes, usually because he's been driven from his apartment by ghosts. Shy, soft-spoken, and introverted, Henry generally watches what goes on from the sidelines with confusion. Unfortunately almost everywhere Henry goes gets haunted eventually. He and Eileen are also routinely harrassed by Walter, which he does not appreciate at all. He often plays the straight man to everyone else's insanity and likes photography. His screenname is ShutterbugHen.